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About Us


To outfit young girls in apparel with aspirational imagery that reflects their interests and ability to succeed in more traditional male arenas including action sports, science, the outdoors, math, technology, etc.


Founded in 2018, Ryann Kivel (@ryannkivel) started the business from her home in Ashland, Oregon combining her passion for graphic design and the desire to dress her daughter in clothing that more accurately represented her family's values. She was tired of finding boys' clothing she liked and wishing it came in different colors and more feminine cuts.

We're proud to be part of a movement in the US, and worldwide, that's not just recognizing women's equality, but examining everyday occurrences and influencing them to reflect that equality. As a society, we are now encouraging young girls to take charge of their life and pursue their passions and dreams regardless of gender norms!

Ryann and her Daughter, SienaRyann and her daughter, Siena.